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Nepal Centre for Disaster Management (NCDM) was established in February 2002 with an aim to help effectively mitigate the impact of disasters in the country. The Centre is registered in the Kathmandu Distric Administration Office, Government of Nepal. NCDM is also registered under the Social Welfare Council, Nepal. Nepal is located in a geographic region prone to natural disasters. Loss of lives and property are a regular phenomenon, and the number of such events is on the rise due to natural as well as man-made causes. Among the main reasons of natural disasters in Nepal are active tectonic and geomorphic...

Bishal Nath Upreti

Message from the President

At the outset, I feel proud to inform our readers that NCDM is observing its 20th anniversary this year.  NCDM is one of the few pioneering organizations established in Nepal mainly devoted to work in the areas of Disaster Management (DM). In the last few decades, we have witnessed a paradigm shift in DM and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) world-wide. DM has now got firm foothold as an established field of multidisciplinary subject and has also gained respect as a stand-alone subject in Academic institutions and training programs. DM has also emerged as a focused priority agenda in many countries as the frequency and severity of disasters have significantly increased and impacted lives and livelihoods of millions of people every year. The severity of hydro-meteorological disasters that include flood, cyclone (hurricane), landslide, extreme temperature and draught etc. is now unequivocally accepted as a consequence of climate change. Nepal had also...


पोखरी उत्खननद्वारा विपद न्यूनीकरण

१. पृष्ठभूमि नेपाल भूकम्प, बाढी, पहिरो, आगलागि, तातो हावा (लू), शीतलहर, चट्यांग, हुरी बतास, असीना, खडेरी, महामारी आदि जस्ता प्रकोपहरुबाट ग्रस्त छ । प्राकृतिक जोखिमहरुका कारण हुने विपद्ले गर्दा व्यापक जनधनको क्षति भईराखेकोछ । २. पोखरी उत्खननको औचित्य (Justification for the Pond Construction) पोखरी उत्खननबाट निम्न अनुसारको फाइदा हुने देखिएको छ । २.१. पोखरी उत्खननद्वारा […]

हिउँदे वर्षाको अभाव कसरी परिपूर्ति गर्ने

दीनानाथ भण्डारी यो वर्ष मध्य र पूर्वी तराईमा पानी नपरी हिउँद गयो । पहाड र हिमालका अधिकतर ठाउँमा पानी परेन । देशभरको हिसाब गर्दा गएका हिउँदमा औसतको एक चौथाई मात्र पानी पर्‍यो (हे. चित्र १)। वर्षा ऋतु शुरु हुन अगाडी बैशाख र जेठ महिनामा पनि उति राम्रो पानी परेन। असारमा औसत भन्दा धेरै वर्षा भयो […]

Feild Visit by NCDM

NCDM Activities in 2020/2021

A virtual talk program on “Covid-19 Pandemic: Experience Sharing from Australia & Nepal and Way Forward” was organized by NCDM in collaboration with the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST), Disaster Preparedness Network-Nepal (DPNet) and Department of Geology, Tribhuvan University (TU) on 5 May 2020 ((23 Baisakh 2077).   A Training […]

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